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The Effects of Neoliberal Policies in the U.S., a summary--jk

U.S. International Policies

NEOLIBERAL ECONOMICS, the mantra of international banks and corporations

There is an insidious program to undo the gains of the workers which they have made since the year 1900 through the agenda of neoliberalism—which is not liberal at all.  It is a program of globalization.  International trade agreements such as NAFTA are drawn up with the US whereby international banks and businesses will not be troubled by trade laws, environmental laws, borders, unions, etc.  They oppose regulations and taxes, because they diminish short-term profits.  It is a program to end state-run enterprises.  It is about selling off the resources and utilities of the country.  And it is about undoing the various government social programs such as social security, medical, welfare, free higher education, and such.  In the US, it is about the freedom to outsource jobs and do what ever else improves their profit margin.  It is about revisiting the past, the age of robber barons.  Only today the new Robber Barons are not the monopoly capitalists like Rockefeller and Morgan or the businesses they headed, but a much bigger global fish.  The business ethics hasn't changed, only the size of the board upon which they play, for now it covers our planet.


In the pursuit of their short-term interests global banking and corporations, they have promoted neoliberal polices that have been adopted by out two-party system which have brought this nation to the brink of economic collapse--one which would catastrophic for all of mankind.  In particular the U.S. has a greater foreign debt (measured as a percentage of GDP) than was held by nations that because of economic crisis had defaulted upon their debt obligations.  Servicing government debt is now the second biggest item (over $800 billion) in our budget.  The manufacturing foundation of our economy has been eroded to under 15% of employment.  This has resulted in an imbalance of trade amounting to over $70 billion per month, and rising (more debt).  Since 2002 the dollar has depreciated against principle foreign currencies by over 40%--thus giving an illusion of rising gasoline prices.  This drop along with rising interest rates, occur to keep the flow of foreign dollars in this country.  Our government must sell the new T-bills for to raise the funds to replace the T-bills that have matured, of which foreign nations hold over $1.2 trillion.  The Euro is becoming the global currency.  Disposable income of workers has steadily dropped since 1972, even though their productivity has increased 45%.   All this has occurred to our nation while the multinational corporations have been like a foreign weed chocking out native industries.  Yes, neoliberalism is good for them, but not for our nation. 



There is one more trade agreement, MEFTA, the roots for the Iraq war

One more legacy of this push for nations without borders has been our intrusion into Iraq, for these neoliberals seeks in the Middle East for to tear down their protectionist laws, and we have sent the our army to do their bidding.  The puppet government that we have installed in Iraq (much like the Vichy government of France) is planning to have foreign oil companies take over production and sales, has already opened up their borders to foreign corporations, and instituted many of the changes recommended by the WTO.   So far 13 out of 20 Middle East nations have signed MEFTA, Middle East Free Trade Area agreements.  The war is about not merely oil, but rather about globalization through the Neoliberal blueprint.  This Neoliberal intrusion into the Middle East is what brought about 9-11 and other attacks.  The Moslem zealots oppose our heathen intrusion with its heathen values. 

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