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Conjuring a seemly endless array of the most fantastic cartoon inspired imagery to ever parade across a canvas, Todd Schorr has earned a reputation as one of the finest American surrealist painters working today.

Beginning his artistic journey as an acclaimed illustrator over twenty years ago, Schorr created artwork for every top ad agency as well as numerous covers for time magazine and a collaboration with Bette Midler that yielded the national best selling book "The Saga of Baby Devine." Not satisfied with the increasing creative restrictions of illustration, Todd turned his attention from ad agency halls to art gallery walls and never looked back.




June 10 -
July 22 2006

After several years working as a successful illustrator, Kathy Staico Schorr broke away from the confines of illustration and began painting for herself. Not long after, the Laforet Gallery in Tokyo, Japan, invited her to be a part of the group show, “The First Pop Culture Show Today.” It was a life changing experience as she proudly exhibited alongside ‘Lowbrow Great’ Robert Williams, Suzanne Williams, Georganne Deen, Gary Panter, and Mark Mothersbaugh. Drawing from early childhood influences of Gerry Anderson’s puppet  animated cartoons and the horror and sci-fi films from the 1930’s to the 1960’s, Staico Schorr, is our guide into a blameless world where we are once again ultra-conscious and impressionable.
Todd Schorr was born in 1954 in
New York. He lives and works in Los Angeles
Schorr’s formal training and extensive illustrative background are a platform for his run amok surrealism and far too fertile mind.
Back in 1970 when he was still in High School he was heavily influenced by animated cartoons and old comic books. But when he went to
Europe and was able to see first hand the paintings of the great Old Masters a light bulb went on. - If I could learn how to paint in the techniques of the old masters but use as subject matter my favorite cartoons I would have the best of all world – Todd Schorr said to himself.
Schorr visited the Uffizi Gallery in
Florence and the connection was made. Cartoons-Old Masters. Finally around 1990 Schorr went back and really studied the methods and techniques used by the Old Masters and found the techniques used by Cennino Cennini in the early 1400’s particularly suited his needs.
Todd Schorr continues his quest of presenting popular culture iconography in the context of vast sweeping historical allegories
Florida’s Art and Culture Center, Miami
Merry Karnowsy Gallery, Los Angeles
Tamara Bane Gallery,
Los Angeles
Psychedelic Solution,
New York
La Foret Gallery,
Jonathan Levine Gallery
, New York

1998 Secret Mystic, Last Gasp

2003 Mutant Kiddies, Mondo Bizzarro Press
2004 Dreamland, Last Gasp



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